Cheeky Feasting

A beautiful and varied collection of recipes remastered for cheek meat, a stunning yet underused delicacy. What’s more cheek meat is exceptionally lean and therefore a healthy cut too.

Featuring classics from Goulash to Scampi; from Ragù to Ramen and more. Enjoy!

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Cooking cheeks?!

Well it all started when two friends happened to mention a fabulous beef cheek pie they’d eaten in a restaurant.

CHEEKS! Why have I not seen these? How do I not know about these? What have I been missing? A trip to my local butcher soon answered my question and one simple beef cheek and ale pie later I was hooked. They are simply divine.

They’re tender, don’t dry out when cooking, have a delightful texture and hugely superior flavour to general stewing beef. And to boot, they’re not an expensive cut either. A big tick on all boxes!

Cooking Cheeks

The cheeks of cows, pigs, sheep and venison lend themselves to long slow cooking. Whereas the cheeks of fish generally lend themselves to fast cooking. Each animal’s cheeks taste different and have different qualities.

But the one unifying element is – no matter what animal they come from – they all taste beautiful.

Recipes Galore

Don’t just leave it to chance and hope to stumble across a cheeky dish in a gastro pub or high-end restaurant. Let’s start cooking today.

A Message From
The Author

My joy of food came from my parents and my Nan, who lovingly cooked beautiful dishes from scratch (apart from my mum’s oddly stringy Irish stew). But I generally always ate well growing up and it was only after leaving home that I discovered just how much I’d taken my diet and joy of food for granted. So after many student meals of instant noodles and dodgy takeaways, I decided to rectify the situation.

Finally, after 25 years of experimentation, failures and triumphs here we are with my first cookbook. I’m not a 3-Star Michelin restaurateur, or a daytime TV chef. I’m just like you, someone that wants to eat well and not break the bank.

Bon appetite!

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